Monday, June 4, 2012

new term

A new school term will start next week, and my friends and i are still not enrolled. We can't proceed with the enrollment 'til our BizCom teacher (whom i mentioned in this post) submits our grades via the school's online database! I'm pretty sure i passed coz im confident that my scores for the major requirement (letters: 85/100; mock interview: 98/100) would pull the "fair" scores i got for the pre-final seatworks. LOL i just wish she'd hurry so that I won't miss the good schedules being offered. :/

and oh, did i mention that THAT teacher scheduled an appointment with us on a Saturday before the summer classes ended?! She told us that she'd meet us from 9am-12am but she showed up late in the afternoon, around 5:30pm; it was actually getting dark and we were afraid she wouldn't show up at all! ugh! how professional?!

duh! im just glad im done and over with her subject. my friends and i definitely won't enroll under her on our next BizCom class.


  1. Ugh, how unfair! Can you not complain to someone about her?

  2. really unfiar! apparently, a student asked help from our dean to call her attention regarding our grades. i've only just finished enrolling :)

    thanks for droppin' by Rachel! :)