Sunday, July 31, 2011

Daily Pic 073011

Cebu's best ngohiong -source-
This yummy treat is famous for its unique taste. The Chinese ngohiong is one of Cebu's most sought after food  next to siomai.. It's like a spring roll with veggies and a bit of meat in it and has crispy wrapper which makes it even more exciting to eat.. lol The best ngohiong can be found near USC Main, my school. :)) It's a hole-in-a-wall dining place and they got lots of patrons. Students and workers would flock to the place especially on weekdays during lunch time.. Each ngohiong costs around PhP7.00 ($0.17) so you'll only have to spend less and have your rumbling tummy satisfied if not bloated. lol I can normally finish 3 pieces of it paired with 3 or 4 puso (hanging rice - rice cooked in coconut leaves).
the famous puso a.k.a hanging rice
the best ngohiong can be bought here, located near USC Main -source-
store's interior -source-
students and workers taking their lunch -source-
Do you like spring rolls too? What's your fave Chinese food? :)


  1. I love chinese foods, i love siomai and spring rolls.. siopao and a lot more hehehe and that looks really yummy. btw, i followed you back! thank you! see you around hun! muah!

  2. OMG tag P7 na ang ngohiong???? whew in my time that was only P2 hahhaa so it must have been 400 years since then? (kidding) yeah the best ang chinese ngohiong sa USC Main dapit.. but i guess their hot sauce is the best. miss it a lot huhuhu pwede naa mo delivery? betaw noh? they must have thought of that..

  3. woah! P2? wow! oh well, inflation!! lol yes, they deliver within cebu city.. pero in specific time ra.. i think 9-1030am ug 3-430pm ra sila mo deliver..not sure though. :)

    thanks for droppin' by! :) xx