Saturday, May 19, 2012

summer classes

i'm currently taking 3 courses (Simplified Cost Accounting, Principles of Marketing, and BC21) for my degree this summer; and it's what's been keeping me so busy these past few weeks, especially my BizCom21 or Business Communications class. i've learned a great deal in that class -- how to correctly and properly write an application/cover letter and how to make a resume/CV, and how to write all types of business letters.

but dang, our teacher's the worst! she's been giving the whole class (mine's in the afternoon) and my friends's class (morning schedule) a really hard time on the project that she gave us. it's frustrating, really. i hate the way she makes us repeat the letter and/or resume just because we lack  2 spacebars before the zipcode (it has to be three spaces) and not telling us what are the other mistakes we made. how should we know that it has to be typewritten like that? she didn't even tell us all the proper spacing until we submitted the required papers. and so, after submitting the paper (with 3 spacebars before the zipcode!), she would then give it back to us coz she won't accept those whose references don't have telephone numbers! she absolutely won't take those with mobile numbers alone! and the list goes on and on! UGH! and she makes us wait outside the faculty room for like, more or less, 4 hours only to tell us that she won't accept our papers!!!! how's that for the time we spent editing and waiting?!

but anyway, im still enjoying my summer with friends and classmates and with boyfie! teehee! they're the best stress relievers, including my uber cute nieces and nephew at home :)

TRIVIA:  Summers in the Philippines start from April and end on May. Regular school terms start on June and end on March. ^_^

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  1. Intersting post sweetie! I was thinking...maybe we can follow each other?! XoXo

    1. thanks! :) sure, following you now! xx