Thursday, May 10, 2012

i'm back!

yes, i'm back!

I had been debating with myself (for as long as i can remember) whether to post things on my blog again or not YET. haha I've missed blogging so much. I've been so busy with some other stuff, especially in school.

I didn't really leave the blogging world though. I've managed to join in various giveaways and won some (e-books). It's what made me go back to blogging. I've read so many books that I wanted to make reviews, even though i haven't tried making one EVER. How do you make a book review, btw? Any tips?

I've also been addicted to twitter in the past few months, and almost everyone i follow and following me are bloggers, some are authors. And almost everyone of them tweet their posts with links that lead back to their blogs/sites. So there, it made me miss my own blog. And OLA! I'M BACK! :))

I won't be able to post daily though, but i'll really try my very best.
Good luck to me! lol

hugs and smooches,


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