Sunday, July 31, 2011

Daily Pic 073011

Cebu's best ngohiong -source-
This yummy treat is famous for its unique taste. The Chinese ngohiong is one of Cebu's most sought after food  next to siomai.. It's like a spring roll with veggies and a bit of meat in it and has crispy wrapper which makes it even more exciting to eat.. lol The best ngohiong can be found near USC Main, my school. :)) It's a hole-in-a-wall dining place and they got lots of patrons. Students and workers would flock to the place especially on weekdays during lunch time.. Each ngohiong costs around PhP7.00 ($0.17) so you'll only have to spend less and have your rumbling tummy satisfied if not bloated. lol I can normally finish 3 pieces of it paired with 3 or 4 puso (hanging rice - rice cooked in coconut leaves).
the famous puso a.k.a hanging rice
the best ngohiong can be bought here, located near USC Main -source-
store's interior -source-
students and workers taking their lunch -source-
Do you like spring rolls too? What's your fave Chinese food? :)

Blue Butterfly Necklace from ajoeynamedrootoo

As I was blog hopping last month, I came across The Frosted Button - now known as the Sunshine blog and read that she was having her fabulous 500 followers giveaway. She hosted 8 items sponsored by her featured Etsy shops. I think I entered 3 or 4 out of the 8 items, and I won the Day 3 Prize - a beautiful handmade blue butterfly necklace from ajoeynamedrootoo. I was so thrilled when I found out that I won. It was actually my first time to win in a blog giveaway and I just went, uhhh, crazy! lol
isn't it beautiful? :)

Thank you, ladies! :) I LOVE my necklace very much! It's perfect with my white shirts! :)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Miss Fashion Beauty's 700 Followers Big MAC Giveaway CLOSED!!!

Miss Fashion Beauty has reached 700 followers (881 now as this post is being made) and she's doing a giveaway to thank all those that followed her! I'm actually an old follower of this gorgeous blog and I really like her reviews, they're very helpful. She loves MAC too which makes her blog closer to me. <3 I love MAC products too so I'm joining this great giveaway!








Click HERE to view the complete giveaway details.
This giveaway is open worldwide and ends on August 8, 2011.
Good luck! :)

Shycheeks' NailWOW Instant Nail Design Strips Giveaway [CLOSED]

Shycheeks made a review of NailWOW's Instant Nail Design Strips (they're cool!). NailWOW was very kind to sponsor this amazing giveaway worth $223.9! WOW! So what are you waiting for?
Click HERE to view the complete giveaway details.
This giveaway is open internationally and ends on August 10, 2011.
Good luck! :)

Makeup, Beauty & Fashion's Coloricon Palettes Giveaway CLOSED!!!

The gorgeous Christine of Makeup, Beauty & Fashion loves Wet 'n Wild Cosmetics (me too!) and recommends their awesome eyeshadows a must have in every makeup collection. She also knows that not everyone can bag their palettes (so true!), so she's holding a giveaway for us! :) Yay!

One lucky winner will win The Coloricon Palettes in Vanity, Greed, Pride & Lust.

View the complete giveaway details HERE.
This giveaway is open worldwide and will end on August 1, 2011.
Good luck! :)

Daily Pic 072911

assorted candies & lollipop -source-
I was craving for candies and chocs when I got home from school. lol I don't really have a sweet tooth but dang, I just love to eat them when I'm in a good mood. :) Well, got nothing much to say! So here goes my fave chocolate candies (they're candies too right? oh idk! lol), M&Ms!! ^_^
M&Ms -source-

Do you like sweets too? What's your favorite? :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Prettymaking's First Giveaway [CLOSED]

Prettymaking (a.k.a atinymandolin on twitter) has reached 300+ followers and she's having her very first giveaway! Yay! Congrats, gorgeous! :)

Up for grabs are:
*Boscia's MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil
*Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray
*Clinique Almost Lipstick in "Black Honey
*Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner in #14
*Urban Decay Naked Palette

Click HERE to view the complete giveaway details.
This giveaway is open internationally and ends on August 14, 2011.
Good luck! :)

Daily Pic 072811

After so many days of having a cold and wet weather, the sun finally didn't hide from the clouds today and showed its bright rays! It was a nice change! :) Getting soaked up under the sun is way better than to be soaked in rain, I think..LOL 
Which do you prefer, rainy or sunny days? :)

MakeUpLove's Collaboration Giveaway [CLOSED]

MakeUpLove is having a giveaway in collaboration with The Queenvie Diary. There are 2 sets of prizes so there'll be 2 lucky winners! Isn't that great? Visit their blogs now and enter this great giveaway!
Campus BDJ Planner
Click HERE to view the complete giveaway details.
This giveaway is open to the Philippines only.
Giveaway end on August 31, 2011.
Good luck! :)

Gelleesh's First Facebook Giveaway [CLOSED]

Gellie of SoGelleesh is having her first Facebook giveaway as way of giving back the blessing she has received! The instructions are very simple. Just 'Like' her FB page and write a beauty tip you would like to share to everyone on the comment box of this photo. Don't forget to add your email add on the comment so that Gellie can contact you in case you win this awesome giveaway! :) Head on to her page now! 

You can view the complete giveaway details HERE.
This giveaway is open to Philippine residents only and will end on August 17, 2011.
Good luck! :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hathor2's Sigma Giveaway with 2year anniversary on youtube CLOSED!!!

The gorgeous Kikay Trekkie is celebrating her 2nd year anniversary via a giveaway featuring Sigma Miss Taylor brush and a bunch of awesome beauty products! Yaaaay! Congratulations, Ms. Marge and thanks for this great giveaway! :)
3rd prize

2nd prize

1st prize

Miss Taylor brush

Click HERE to view the complete giveaway details.
This giveaway is open to Philippine residents only.
Good luck! :)

Beauty by Kayla Shevonne's One Year Blogiversary Giveaway CLOSED!!!

Kayla Shevonne is having giveaway on her 1st year Blogiversary. One lucky winner will receive 2 brand new bottles of Deborah Lippmann nail polish from the Spring 2011 Collection - Naked & Glitter in the Air from Made You Blush.
Click HERE to view the complete giveaway details.
This giveaway is open worldwide and ends on July 28,2011.
Good luck! :)

Daily Pic 072711

siomai a.k.a dumplings -source-
Today I had lunch with my best friend..We ate "siomai".. It's sooo good that we just can't get enough of it.. It's usually steamed but it may also be fried.. We prefer it steamed though..haha The sauce is very spicy and it's best if kalamansi (lime) juice is mixed with it.. You can just dip the siomai in soy sauce if you don't like the spicy sauce.. Each siomai costs PhP6.50 or $0.16.
steamed shrimp & pork siomai -source-
What did you have for lunch today? 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Daily Pic 072611

OK, i'm a bored, lazy human being at the moment! I gotta have something to do!

I was blog hopping last night and I came by this new blogger who features random pictures that she likes and finds in the intricate world of the internet.. I found the pictures cute and they somehow made my cold stressful day better! I got inspired and so I am thinking of doing the same.. I'll be using the title "Daily Pic -insertdatehere-" for each pic feature I make and I may or may not write something in each post.. I know it's called 'daily pic' but I cannot assure you that I'll be posting pictures everyday.. BUT, I'll try my very best to make it.. So, I'll be starting it off today.. Here it goes... :)

Raining cats and dogs! -source-
It's been raining a lot lately and I don't really like it especially when I'm in school or away from home.. Who would want to get drenched in their school uniform? That'd really suck! I prefer to be at home when it rains, with a cup of coffee or warm chocomilk and a good book on hand.. Hmmm.. So today, I'm featuring a picture of, uhh, rain! :)) 
How about you? How was your day? 

Nicole's Mirror First Birthday Giveaway [CLOSED]

Nicole's Mirror has turned one and she's celebrating by hosting a giveaway!  Yaaay! Happy birthday, Nicole's Mirror! :) There's a total of 12 products, 12 winners, 1 product for each! Head on to her blog now and celebrate! :)
Click HERE to view the complete giveaway details.
This giveaway is open to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines. 
Good luck! :)

The Hyphen Store's EOS Lipbalm Giveaway CLOSED!!!

The Hyphen Store is an online shop that sells authentic cosmetics such as Urban Decay, Benefit, NYX, EOS, etc... They're based in the Philippines and one can find them in bazaars,too.
Well now, Whimsical Whatnots and Whatever is hosting a giveaway featuring EOS lip balms sponsored by The Hyphen Store.. There are 4 EOS lip balms so there will be 4 winners too! One for each! 
- Summer Fruit
- Sweet Mint
- Lemon Drop
- Honey Dew
You can view the complete giveaway details HERE.
This giveaway is open to the Philippines only.
Giveaway ends on August 4, 2011.
Good luck! :)

Kiss & Make-up's First Blog Giveaway CLOSED!!!

Diane from Kiss & Make-up is having her very first blog giveaway! There will be 2 sets of prizes so there will be 2 lucky winners. Just follow her blog and you'll be qualified to join this awesome giveaway! :)

Click HERE to view the complete giveaway details.
This giveaway is open worldwide and ends on July 30, 2011.
Good luck! :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stay Beautiful's 500 Followers Giveaway CLOSED!!!

Stay Beautiful had 500+ followers on her blog and she's celebrating with her readers via a giveaway and it's quite a lot!
- Sleek Curacao Palette
-Primark 'Foiled Again' Nail Foils - Skull print!
-Collection 2000 Lasting Colour Lipstick in Bubblegum
-Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick in Bane
-e.l.f Brightening Eye Colour quad Day2Night
-Barry M Dazzle Dust in 102 Burgundy Noir
-Barry M Dazzle Dust in 99 Bright Indigo
-Darling Girl mini eyeshadow in 'Making Merry'
-Hi-Fi full sized eyeshadow 'Mornings of Gold'
-Gosh Lipgloss in 0082
-MUA Lipgloss shade 4
-MUA Lipstick shade 1
-MUA Lipstick shade 13
-Collection 2000 Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream in 'Angel Delight'
-Collection 2000 Glam Crystals glitter liner in 'Pow'
View the complete giveaway details HERE.
This giveaway is open internationally and will end on July 29, 2011.
Good luck! :)

Kawaii Barbie's Wet- n-Wild - Color Icon Dream Weavers 2011 Limited Edition Collection Giveaway [CLOSED]

Kawaii Barbie is having a giveaway featuring Wet-n-Wild's Color Icon Dream Weavers 2011 Limited Edition Collection! yaaay! All you makeup junkies out there shouldn't miss out on this. So head on to Kawaii Barbie's blog now and join her awesome giveaway! 

Wet- n-Wild - Color Icon Dream Weavers 2011 Limited Edition Collection
Click HERE to view the complete details of this giveaway.
This giveaway is open worldwide and ends on August 13, 2011.
Good luck! :)

Around Beads' Christmas in July Giveaway CLOSED!!!

The ever creative Albina Manning from Around Beads is having a Christmas in July!! yes, right! There actually is a Christmas in July! lol Well, she's gonna raffle off a pair of attractive earrings that she made with pure copper ear hooks, antiqued copper jump rings, and 6mm natural green aventurine beads.

gorgeous, isn't it? :)
Head on to this LINK now to enter.
This giveaway is open worldwide and ends today, July 25, 2011.
Good luck! :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tinks Tales Giveaway: £5O TO SPEND AT ITSOCKS.CO.UK CLOSED!!!

The gorgeous Dani from Tinks Tales is giving away £50 to spend at to one of her followers. So be sure to visit the site and browse their products. Their prices are so fab that you can get lots with  £50!

Just head on to this link to view Tinks Tales' giveaway.
This giveaway ends on August 1, 2011.
Good luck! :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Deathly Hallows pt2 with bestie

me with bestfriend Aix
My friends and family all know that I'm a huge Harry Potter fan -- since 2002, 6th grade. I can vividly remember the times back in high school when my friends and I would gather round to excitedly talk about the latest HP news. We would all be filled with giggles and so much laughter, the hard-to-wipe smiles on our faces, the daydreams we shared. Ahhhh, those were the days.

Harry Potter theme park in Orlando, Florida
Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
I am very much thankful to JK Rowling for creating the HP world. Honestly, if it wasn't because of the series, I wouldn't be a book-lover. I wouldn't have had books scattered in my bedroom. I wouldn't be able to relate so much with friends. I wouldn't have thought that there'd be a whole new magical world that I'd dream to live in. Thank you so much, Ms. Rowling! It was and will always be a great journey with Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

author J.K. Rowling
L-R: Daniel Radcliffe, J.K. Rowling, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson
Last Tuesday, my bestfriend and I went to watch the last movie of the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. We've been waiting for this for so long that we got so excited to go to the cinema. Although there were a lot of changes that were made on the movie, we still enjoyed it A LOT! We can't keep ourselves from giggling. We found Helena Bonham Carter an excellent actress. And the three main stars - Daniel Racliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint - were impressive. Lord Voldemort, portrayed by Ralph Fiennes, was impressive too. Everyone on the cast were perfect for their roles. Congratulations to everyone behind the HP movies! It has been a great journey with you too. =)

wizards and witches of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry
the amazing people behind the Harry Potter movies

Have you watched the movie too? How'd you find it? Bet you loved it too! =)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Read Me Bookmark Me Love Me's 850 Followers Giveaway

i've been an old follower of Read Me Bookmark Me Love Me and i personally like the reviews and news about new books.. i alaways run out of books to read, and visiting her blog gives me more ideas which books to buy and read.. and another thing that i like in this blog is that she holds giveaways every now and then.. and now that RMBMLM has reached 850 followers, Lisa is giving away books to her lucky followers.. so, if you wanna have a new book to read, go visit her blog and be a follower and join her giveaway! :)

Divergent by Veronica Roth
Hourglass by Myra McEntire
Spellbound by Cara Lynn Shultz
A Need So Beautiful by Suzanne Young
Supernaturally by Kiersten White
Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer
Forever by Maggie Stiefvater

Click HERE to join the giveaway.
Be sure to visit RMBMLM's giveaway policy.
This giveaway is open internationally and will end on August 15, 2011.
Good luck! :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Earphoria's 400+ Followers Giveaway CLOSED!!!

Laura Ashlee of Earphoria has reached 400+ followers a couple of weeks ago and she's celebrating by holding a giveaway! You might have read this a couple of times before, but I am so in need of a new book to read. I'm entering this awesome giveaway! :) I'll take my chances. ;)
Ripple by Mandy Hubbard
Queen of the Dead by Stacey Kade
A Need So Beautiful by Suzanne Young
The Summer Before Boys by Nora Raleigh Baskin
Shine by Lauren Myracle by Lauren Myracle

You can view the giveaway details HERE.
This giveaway is open worldwide. (Please make sure The Book Depository ships to you.)
Giveaway ends on July 22, 2011.
Good luck! :)