Monday, June 11, 2012

Eazy Fashion : Your Wholesale and Retail Fashion Shop

Eazy Fashion is an online shopping site that caters fashionistas who love stylish and posh products. The site offers affordable high-end fashion accessories and apparel that you'll surely love. 

The company first started out as an online shop in Multiply in March 15, 2011. But the growing demand for fashion accessories from Korea and Japan triggered its expansion and establishment of its own corporate office.

Eazy Fashion aims to be an affordable supplier of posh fashion products. The people behind this company also wish to help Filipinos start their own business by letting them post the company's product photos to be posted on their own online shopping sites. These people can be called the "company's resellers" without the need of a capital. Now, isn't that just great? To know more on how to become one of their resellers, you can simply click here.

I came across this kawaii website a few days ago, and i just LOVE their kawaii items. They got lots of categories. Aside from their fashion accessories and apparels, they also have other products ranging from shoes, cosmetics/makeup, organizer bags, DIY phone cases and materials, gadget accessories for your Samsung SII, iPad and iPhone!  Cool, eh?

Here are some of the items that i fancy.
Frosted Victorian Drop necklace
Juicy Couture Floral Ring set
Braided Preppy Wristwatch
Sassy Girl Casual Dress
Cute right? I especially like the preppy watch since it's really cute, and i think it'll go well with any casual outfit. I haven't bought any of their items yet, but i'll surely be buying from them one of these days. ^_^ And I just can't wait for that day to come! HAHA 

Find out more about this awesome website by visiting or by simply clicking HERE!
Have fun and enjoy shopping! :)

I am in no way paid nor compensated by Eazy Fashion for making this post or promoting their products. All opinions are mine. I posted this because of the fact that I love this shopping website/company.


  1. Oooh, I like the necklace and watches.

  2. I blame my current penchant for Korean fashion on those Wonder Girls YouTube videos I've been watching for the past couple of days :). If is the place where I can find those types of fashion, then I will waste no time and hop on over there. Thanks for sharing this :)