Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What my heart longs for

What my heart longs for
I was crushed into pieces
full of pain and anger. 
I hated that love existed. 
I hated that I had loved anyone.
Time has passed,
my heart has been put back together. 
As fragile as it feels...
it still longs to be loved. 
My heart yearns for a touch 
that will comfort my soul.
I see people falling in love...
and I begin to feel lonely.
My heart wants someone to fall in love with.
My heart yearns to be guarded by hands 
that will never let go or hurt it.

I dream of falling in love...
the sight of people holding hands
pulls at my heart.
Where is my prince? 
And the waiting begins...
waiting for someone 
to come and rescue me 
from this cold castle
and set my heart free.


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